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Gunmen show up at man's front door and shoot him, police say -

Two hoodie-wearing gunmen exchanged gunfire with a Lauderhill man in the doorway of his home, leaving him with multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

The shooting happened at 6:09 a.m. Sunday, said Lt. Michael Santiago, a spokesman for the Lauderhill Police Department.

When police arrived at the...

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Robber snatched wedding ring right off mail carrier's finger, deputies say -

The mail carrier heard a car door shut behind her and someone approaching.

Next thing she knew, a man had hold of her and was forcing her wedding band off of her finger, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives on Wednesday released a composite sketch of that wedding-ring robber in...

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Cop guilty of threatening to release nude photos of ex-girlfriend -

A Davie police officer who threatened to send nude pictures and a sex video of his ex-girlfriend to their colleagues on the force in 2015 was found guilty Wednesday of extortion.

Officer James Krey, 40, faces a maximum prison sentence of 15 years when he’s sentenced next month.

The jury of three...

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Broward school bond: Costs double for Cypress Bay High expansion -

It will cost taxpayers twice as much as originally estimated to relieve overcrowding at Cypress Bay High in Weston, raising questions about whether the Broward County School District’s $800 million bond referendum will have enough money to pay for all the promised projects.

The new cost to replace...

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Fort Lauderdale police ID woman they say was killed by a relative -

Police on Wednesday identified a Fort Lauderdale woman they say was fatally shot by a relative.

She was 55-year-old Bernice Jefferson, police said.

Officers were called to the 1200 block of Northwest Eleventh Place about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, where the wounded Jefferson was found, Detective Tracy...

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Iguana rescued after being shot with crossbow -

Green iguanas are despised for consuming gardens, leaving droppings on pool decks and bringing an intimidating, prehistoric presence to South Florida neighborhoods. But they probably don’t deserve to be shot with crossbows.

A six-foot iguana was rescued Wednesday morning in Plantation after being...

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Wind chill advisory issued for Palm Beach County, parts of Broward -

The coldest weather of the week is greeting South Floridians on Thursday morning, dipping into the 40s — but it’ll be short-lived.

Before dawn it was 47 in Fort Lauderdale, 46 in West Palm Beach and 50 in Miami. By comparison, it was 24 in Tallahassee.

Still, because of the wind coming from the...

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Ronald McDonald House closing in Fort Lauderdale -

The Ronald McDonald House in Fort Lauderdale will close after 13 years at the end of January; its last guests an energetic 6-year-old girl and her mother.

The nonprofit 16-room house, located near the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital, is a temporary home where ill children and their families...

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Burglar steals guns from home's safe -

Before the burglar broke into the Cooper City home, he rang the doorbell to make sure nobody was home, surveillance video shows.

Once inside the house, the thief stole two handguns — a Sig Sauer and a Springfield Armory — from inside a safe, said Joy Oglesby, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s...

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Woman shot by family member dies at hospital, police say -

A woman died at the hospital after she was shot Tuesday evening by a family member, Fort Lauderdale police said.

The suspect, a man, fled the scene in the 1200 block of Northwest 11th Place before police arrived, said Detective Tracy Figone, a spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

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Woman bashes gunman with metal chair in armed robbery -

Two robbers with masks and guns were pummeling a man and his wife. But the woman fought back — repeatedly smashing a metal chair over one attacker’s head.

The couple were able to hang on to one of their attackers — at 245 pounds — until deputies arrived.

But the other gunman had already grabbed...

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Trantalis and Roberts in runoff for mayor of Fort Lauderdale -

A fierce battle to lead the city of Fort Lauderdale is on, after voters Tuesday winnowed their choices for mayor and commissioners.

Slow-growth candidate Dean Trantalis won the most votes in the mayor’s race, and faces a runoff with second-place finisher Bruce Roberts, the former police chief....

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Man, 81, dies three days after crash outside Wal-Mart -

An 81-year-old Pembroke Pines man died Monday, three days after crashing into an SUV as he exited from Wal-Mart, police said.

Gerald Rothberg failed to yield right of way before turning into the path of the SUV in the 100 block of Southwest 184th Avenue, south of Pines Boulevard, Friday afternoon,...

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Forlorn bikers pick up seized rides after illegal mass rally -

Two dejected men from Boston were claiming their motorbikes from a Davie tow yard Tuesday, a day after a mass rally of bikers and ATV riders had swarmed across South Florida while performing stunts, disrupting traffic and sometimes driving toward oncoming cars.

“We didn’t even get to ride our bikes,”...

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They're back: Low-flying helicopters and planes are part of military exercise -

Don’t worry. We’re not being invaded. Those low-flying military helicopters and aircraft disturbing the calm the past two nights were involved in training exercises — and there may be more action before the week is over.

For security reasons, the U.S. Department of Defense doesn’t announce when...

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Crossing the street? Good luck! | Dash Cam Derby Video -

South Florida is going to great lengths and great expense to redesign roadways to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from being hit by a car, truck, or bus.

But in order for the safety features to work, walkers and bikers must use the wider sidewalks and bicycle lanes as well as the crosswalks...

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Train horns may go silent by spring / Traffic Q&A -

Doctor Detour answers your transportation questions.

Q: The quiet zones for the train horns were supposed to be implemented by Jan. 1 in the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami areas along the FEC corridor. I am not alone in my angst here and our public officials offer nothing more than words and sorry...

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Fire heavily damages Tamarac home; no one hurt -

A fire broke out at a Tamarac home early Monday, but the four people inside were able to get out safely, the city says.

No one was hurt in the morning fire, which happened in a neighborhood just north of Commercial Boulevard, east of North University Drive, according to city spokeswoman Elise Boston.

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More chilly weather expected Wednesday night in South Florida -

South Florida will see another round of cool weather this week, boosted by a cold front that should hit the region Wednesday night.

Tuesday is forecast to have a daytime high near 74 and a nighttime low of about 57. Winds will be from the northeast at 14 mph — with gusts up to 18 mph.

Because of...

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Packs of ATV riders swarm South Florida roads -

Recklessly driving on South Florida’s streets, ATV and dirt bike riders endangered motorists and continued a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday tradition that police have tried to discourage.

Police in Broward and Miami-Dade counties made more than 35 arrests and seized or towed more than 80 vehicles...

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Financial aid errors cost Broward College $5.6 million -

Broward College paid $5.6 million after a federal government review determined that more than 2,000 students received financial aid they weren’t entitled to.

The payment, imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, is significantly more than the $18,000 the college said in 2015 that it would likely...

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Want to get rid of those 'racist' street signs? Show us the money, city says -

Street signs honoring Confederate war heroes will be banished from Hollywood — but only if City Hall gets its money first.

Under the city’s rules, the same people who formally petitioned the city to rename the signs must pay for the new ones.

That means activists Linda Anderson and Laurie Schecter...

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Man dies in I-95 crash in Broward; traffic snarled for hours -

A man died Monday in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 95 near Pompano Beach, snarling traffic for about four hours, officials said.

A box truck and a tractor-trailer collided about 5:30 a.m. in the northbound lanes of I-95 after the exit to West Cypress Creek Road, according to Florida Highway...

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Leaders say Trump presidency is at odds with MLK's legacy -

The first Martin Luther King Jr. holiday of Donald Trump's presidency is taking place amid a racial firestorm of Trump's own making.

In the same week he honored King by making a national park out of the ground where King was born and preached until his death, Trump denigrated practically the entire...

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Cops should have told us about burglar before he turned rapist, Hollywood residents say -

People from a neighborhood where a burglar has struck three times say the police should have warned them before the culprit went from making sexual threats to rape.

“Yeah, I’m a little concerned,” said Michelle Richer, 56, a 30-year resident of the Hollywood neighborhood. “There should have been...

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Palm Beach County News

Cerabino: What's in a name? Perhaps a future in politics -
If you're thinking about changing your image in a dramatic way, it will cost you about $400 in Florida.

Palm Beach police under investigation for writing too many traffic tickets -
From its long abandoned practice of ticketing shirtless joggers and issuing ID cards to gardeners, the rules in Palm Beach have always been different.

Boynton teacher's discovery one of year's best -
Bud Gillan thought he had already experienced his career highlight, as part of a team of biologists who discovered Tamoya ohboya, a new species of box jellyfish.

West Palm Beach administrator in running for Sarasota city manager job -
West Palm Beach City Administrator Ed Mitchell is a finalist, again, for a top job in the Sarasota area.

Nonprofit homebuilder's lawyer threatens West Palm Beach with defamation suit -
Days after the city demanded expense records from a nonprofit it contracted to build low-income homes, the attorney for the homebuilding arm of Bishop Harold Ray's Redemptive Life church said it will sue the city for defamation.

Citing rules, Wellington asks victim's mother in John Goodman case to remove memorial -
Two years after Scott Wilson's death, village officials have asked Wilson's parents to remove flowers that remain along their son's makeshift memorial on Lake Worth Road and 120th Avenue to make it compliant under the village's memorial site regulations.

Area Deaths -
Palm Beach County Allan, Joan C. , 82, of Lake Worth, died Monday. Weiss Memorial Chapel, Boynton Beach . Babcock, Donna J. , 67, of West Palm Beach, died Tuesday.

Group honors police officers, others for public safety work -
Boynton Beach Police Officer Scott Spruill was driving east on Okeechobee Boulevard on Feb. 22, 2011, when he spotted a woman dangling her legs over the guardrail that overlooks Interstate 95.

Fort Pierce man accused of firing gun at mom -
A 19-year-old man accused in an armed confrontation Tuesday with his mother after she put his clothes in a swimming pool was arrested on a felony charge, according to an affidavit released Wednesday.

West Palm Beach city commissioners appear warmer to revised north end condo tower plans -
With the proposed condo towers on North Flagler Drive coming down slightly in size, some commissioners say they're more likely to approve the project that has the city's business community and neighborhood associations at odds.

FAU professor urges students to use knowledge, humanity and courage -
Robert G. Rabil began his journey in America at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. So, for the FAU political science professor, giving the commencement speech for its 113th graduating class last month was nostalgic.

Lawyer for Guatemalan migrants seeing bridges where borders are -
Aileen Josephs is a Jewish woman who was born and raised outside Mexico City. Her parents settled in Mexico after fleeing Poland to escape the Holocaust.

Friends of Refuge to clean entrance road -
Lee Road is an unassuming little two-lane gravel track, hardly a mile long. But it has a significance greater than its size because it is the entrance road to the Arthur R.

PBAU camp shows kids that science is cool -
For some kids, science can be as exciting as watching snails race. But there are those kids who love the subject and what they can learn by studying it.

Lake Worth history museum reopens in time for city's centennial -
As the city prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday, the Lake Worth Historical Museum is open again -- at least on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

'Driven' gymnasts triumph at regional contest -
A trio of Wellington gymnasts were literally head over heels after successfully competing at the Southeast USA Regional Championships held recently in Orlando.

Rabbi mixes entertainment with education to lead congregation -
"A rabbi's best stock in trade is the building of the community," Rabbi Richard Polirer said from his home in Boynton Beach.

The Glades: Central grad, NFL player Lee hosting third camp -
Washington Redskins offensive tackle James Lee may be living 1,000 miles from home, but his heart remains in the Glades.

Young sibling surfing champs hope to make their careers on the waves -
Two siblings, one dream. Both Giorgio Gomez, 16, and his sister, Izzi, 12, want to be professional surfers one day.

North Sports:Fourth annual North Palm Beach Kids Triathalon will be held July 28 -
The Palm Beach Gardens Starzz eighth- and seventh-grade girls travel basketball teams placed first in their divisions at the Palm Beach Gardens Shooting Classic tournament, which was held May 18-20.

TCoast Sports: Cowabunga Surf & Water Sports Camp will offer 10 one-week sessions. -
Nicole Melichar, 18, of Stuart, along with partner Brian Battistone, won the mixed doubles title at the USTA Southwest Section U.S.

Hospital, gift shop mark sanctuary growth -
A nearly life-sized plastic statue of Yogi Bear's Ranger Smith welcomes visitors to the new gift shop and entrance to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary that's not officially open yet.

Domino's House provides haven for homeless cats, help for owners -
The business of rescuing animals is difficult, Maris Sine said. Sometimes you save a life, and sometimes you lose one, especially when the animal is injured.

Swim coach happy to see program in new home at Sailfish waterpark -
When Palm City-based swimming coach Pat Toner started his Treasure Coast Aquatics program in 2002, it was with a vision that finally comes to fruition this weekend.

Paddleboarding to drive autism fundraiser -
Oftentimes, one of the most difficult parts of dealing with autistic children is focusing their seemingly endless energy.

Find Animal Shelters in South Florida

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