Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why aren’t there any businesses matched to my search?
What if I still haven’t found what I’m looking for?
How do I report that a business has closed or changed owners?
How do I write a review?

What are’s ratings and reviews?
Do I need to have a account to submit a review?
What am I allowed to write?
Can I review my family or friend’s business?
Does moderate reviews?
How does the moderation process work?
How do I review a business that’s not listed?
How many times can I review the same business?
Can I review under multiple accounts or cut and paste reviews?

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How do I join
What does "Add to Favorites" mean?

Coupons & Special Offers
What are deals & coupons?
Where can I find Deals & Coupons?

Business owners
Will only accept positive reviews?
How can I list my business on
How can I improve the position of my business in search results?
How do I change my business category, services or keywords?
How do I change or correct my business name?
How do I change my business description, phone numbers, street address, web links etc.?
My business isn’t on the right place on the map or Street View, how do I change it?
How can I let you know my business has closed down or changed management?
How do I manage my business listing?
How do I get the most out of my business listing?
What are the business listing rules?
When is my next payment due?
When does my listing expire?
Why haven’t I received my invoice?
I think I’ve been incorrectly billed. What should I do?
How do I change my billing details?
How will ratings and reviews help my business?
Can people say anything they like about my business?
Can I be kept up to date with reviews of my business?
What do I do about an inappropriate review?
What are some tips for handling a negative review?
Why can’t I get a negative review removed?
How do I cancel my business listing subscription?

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